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In today’s fast paced world, the online presence for businesses, whether small or large, is the most essential need of the hour. Most people still ask what online presence can do for them. Do they really need it?

Yes, yes you do.

An online presence is an existence of a Business, an Individual or an NGO that can be found through an online search. It can consist of a Website, an e-commerce platform, an app, a social media page or a combination of all. Your online presence is accessible on a global scale as it can be viewed at anytime anywhere in the world and is extremely productive for the promotion of your business; growth of your sales and it increases the amount of your customers.

Social Media

According to PEW RESEARCH CENTRE study, in US only, about 68% of Adults are Facebook users. When it comes to youth, 78% percent of Americans aged between 18-24 use Instagram and 45% are on twitter. Even among our seniors, aged above 65, 37% are social media users. Social media marketing can let you access all these users and who wouldn’t want to capitalize on such an opportunity. Just imagine what wonders it can do for your business growth. Social media presence without having a website is a no no.


A website is a center of a business’ online presence. Increasing visibility is one major factor that makes having a website important. People now carry out an online research about the credibility first before engaging in any manner with your business. By having a website, you are increasing your trust ratio with your target market. A website will not only give your business credibility but it will also make your business look bigger and more successful even if it hasn’t reached its potential as yet. Before the time of internet, people had to wander around the city to find the products they needed. Websites are the solution to this hectic practice. They bring the products to consumers in the comfort of their couch. Smart business realizes this and thus they have been successfully marketing their brands online and reaching new heights when it comes to the business growth.


Long gone those days when mobile apps were only a utility owned by large businesses and corporations. Now a days, smaller companies facilitate their customers better and are seeing great returns of investment by using apps. Customer engagement, service and support, promotions, online sales are a few of the many goals that can be achieved by having a mobile app. According to STATISTA, about 2.71 billion smartphone users exist in the world today. This means that about 35% of the world population possess a smartphone today. People are spending more time on mobile phones than on PCs and it’s a great news for your business. Why not take advantage of such a huge audience presence? Mobile apps not only enhance your business but it can also bring to you a lot of information about your customers. Information like demographics and geographical locations. This information helps you to target your customers preferences and their needs. COMPLEMENT YOUR WEBSITE BY HAVING AN APP A website is a great platform to offer services, information and to post your business content like videos and photos but in order to enable two-way communication with the customers, you need an app.

NOW, You must be thinking that how are you going to handle all these platforms alongside performing usual business routines and where to get them from? That’s what WE are here for. At VERTECHS, we have all the solutions for you. From building a website to mobile app development. We can connect you and your business to the world with all the modern solutions that are on offer in today’s digital world.


Vertechs is a professional Web Development Company offering competitive and quality services by following a customer centric approach.

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